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Welcome to Ambition Academy !

Ambition Academy is a Kuwait-based training centre that was founded in 2013 with one aim: to provide a world-class learning and training experience that can motivate individuals and corporates to achieve their goals.

Today, Ambition Academy is recognised as one of the most reputable English language-learning institutions in the country, maintaining excellent relationships with a number of the industry’s most reputable names such as the British Council and Oxford University Press.

Vision & Mission


Ambition Academy aspires to becoming a global brand that is synonymous with excellent training, high quality, and great value.

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Our mission is to provide ambitious individuals & organisations with trustworthy programmes that fulfil needs, address requirements & help achieve goals.

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English Courses

English is considered as business language of the world. Due to globalisation, doing international business has become main characteristic of most companies.

Kids Courses

At Ambition Academy, we believe that kids learn more when they are having fun. Therefore, our kids courses are designed to educate young minds.

Professional Training

Spanning a wide range of domains, these training programmes address the needs and requirements of modern businesses and government agencies.