Welcome to Ambition Academy

About US

Ambition Academy is a Kuwait-based training centre that was founded in 2013 with one aim: to provide a world-class learning and training experience that can motivate individuals and corporates to achieve their goals.

Today, Ambition Academy is recognised as one of the most reputable English language-learning institutions in the country, maintaining excellent relationships with a number of the industry’s most reputable names such as the British Council and Oxford University Press.


Our mission is to provide ambitious individuals and organisations with trustworthy training programmes that fulfil their needs, address their requirements and help them achieve their goals. Through reliable curricula and experienced instructors, Ambition Academy strives to provide its clients with a learning experience that matches, or exceeds, their expectations.

We believe in constant development. Therefore, we always listen to feedback and implement changes that may enhance the way we do things.As a workplace, Ambition Academy fosters ethical behaviour, honesty, teamwork, dedication and quality. We believe that staff loyalty is earned, not imposed; so we always place a special emphasis on making sure that our personnel know they are part of the Ambition-Academy family.


Ambition Academy aspires to becoming a global brand that is synonymous with excellent training, high quality, and great value. We seek to provide services to people around the world and to make a mark in the world of education and training.